As the boundaries of the world become thinner by the hour, morphing the planet into one broad street, or global village by the sheer forces of information technology.

The global village(formerly known as ‘the world’) is slowly morphing into a broad and fast street. The ‘village’ was birthed in the early 1940’s as the seeds of  information technology took root  into the core of the earth, adding a new spin to the dynamics of commerce, recreation, war, infrastructure and governance.

The current social media frenzy is a stark reality of this village business; Ignoring it is like a mirror image of Nokia’s ignorance of the flip phone that saw Samsung overtake it in the cellular dominion. The key was user experience as opposed to astronomical performance specs.

The advent of Artificial Intelligence(AI) has further distilled the ‘village’ into a broad street, marked with only fast lanes. The demand for user experience on such a street requires only 360 degrees strategies, as opposed to traditional archaic linear strategies.


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